EECS Special Seminar: Maryam Eslami Rasekh "Beyond 5G: Enabling the Next Generation of Wireless Communication and Sensing via Millimeter Wave and Massive MIMO Technology"


Event Speaker: 

Maryam Eslami Rasekh

Event Location: 

34-401A Grier A

Event Date/Time: 

Monday, March 9, 2020 - 3:00pm

 Beyond 5G: Enabling the Next Generation of Wireless Communication and Sensing via Millimeter Wave and Massive MIMO Technology
The rise of millimeter wave – sparked by unlicensing of large swaths of its spectrum nearly two decades ago – is posed to significantly reshape the future landscape of wireless. For mobile networks, a throughput boost of >1000x is promised through “picocellular” architectures and vigorous spatial reuse, while physically small yet electronically large antennas raise the bar for what is possible in terms of sensing and environmental awareness. In this talk, I aim to provide a vision of this emerging landscape and look at some of the distinct challenges it presents, from networking to signal processing and hardware.
In my talk I will focus on the picocellular urban infrastructure and address some of the problems that need to be solved to realize its immense potential. We first consider a network of highly directional mm-wave links for providing wireless backhaul support to pico-access points as a scalable alternative to fiber; and present an interference-aware joint routing and link scheduling formulation for optimizing uplink/downlink throughput in such a network. Next, we look at large mm-wave arrays and present a noncoherent compressive channel estimation framework for low-overhead user tracking which is necessary for maintaining links to mobile users when frontends are limited to RF beamforming. I will also discuss some of the challenges that arise when all-digital frontends are scaled up in size and bandwidth; and discuss how adopting a “modular” architecture can simplify hardware scaling and ease requirements such as oscillator phase noise. 
Maryam received her BS and MS from Isfahan University of Technology and Sharif University of Technology, Iran. She recently completed her PhD at University of California Santa Barbara and is currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Wireless Communications and Sensornets Laboratory at UCSB, working with Prof. Upamanyu Madhow. Her past research has been on wave propagation and channel modeling, distributed beamforming, and frequency estimation, while recently her focus is on the development of signal processing, networking, and cross-layer design tools for the next generation of wireless communication and sensing, primarily using millimeter wave and terahertz frequencies and massive MIMO frontends. 
Host: Muriel Medard