Doctoral Thesis: Template-based Control for Bottom-up Nanostructures


Event Speaker: 

Samuel M. Nicaise

Event Location: 

Haus Room, 36-462

Event Date/Time: 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016 - 10:00am

Full Doctoral Thesis Title: Template-based Control for Bottom-up Nanostructures – Multilayer Block Copolymer Graphoepitaxy and Masked ZnO Nanowire Growth 


Bottom-up growth and assembly of nanostructures provides a versatile and rapid patterning method, without the requirement of specifically designing or engineering every feature. The control over this method is limited by standard material science practices, and template-directed fabrication is required for higher-levels of control. This thesis investigates the design and understanding of engineered templates for control over bottom-up nanostructured materials. Specifically, multiple layers of block copolymer cylindrical microdomains are controlled by underlying physical patterns. Also, the placement and morphology of hydrothermally grown ZnO nanowires is understood and controlled for more efficient heterojunction nanostructure solar cells.

Thesis Supervisor: Professor Karl K. Berggren