Doctoral Thesis: Heterogeneous integration of active 2D materials for integrated photonics


Event Speaker: 

Ren-Jye Shiue

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Event Date/Time: 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 - 3:00pm


Two-dimensional materials have emerged as promising candidates to augment existing optical networks for metrology, sensing, and telecommunication. Their crystal structure naturally lends themselves remarkable flexibility to be conformally transferred and "glued" onto arbitrary bulk semiconductor substrates by van der Waal forces. This offers a simple approach to construct heterogeneous photonic architectures, which is currently challenging for silicon-based photonics integrated with germanium and III-V semiconductors due to mismatched lattice constants and thermal properties. 

In addition, 2D materials can exhibit a rich variety of electronic and optical properties that enable light generation, modulation, and detection for photonics applications. Distinct 2D materials can form a variety of 2D heterostructures with high quality, enabling potential optoelectronic devices that were not feasible using silicon and other bulk semiconductors.

This thesis aims to introduced several classes of integrated photonic components in a 2D materials-based heterogeneous architecture. The first part will focus on the strongly enhanced light-matter interaction of 2D materials in an optical cavity, and their applications for high-contrast and high-speed electro-optic modulators. Secondly, heterogeneously integrated 2D materials with optical waveguide will be addressed, showing promising applications for broadband on-chip photodetectors with high-speed and high responsivity.

Thesis Committee: Prof. Dirk Englund, Prof. Tomas Palacios, Prof. Juejun Hu