Doctoral Thesis: Designing Effective Interfaces for Audiovisual Media


Event Speaker: 

Hijung Valentina Shin

Event Location: 

32-G449 (Kiva)

Event Date/Time: 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 - 9:00am

Abstract: Audiovisual media is an attractive and rich source of information, widely used in education, entertainment and industry. But it can take painfully long hours to author, edit and navigate. My research looks at ways to make creation and manipulation of audiovisual media easier and more convenient. In particular, I will talk about novel interaction techniques applied to three specific domains: speech recordings, lecture videos and presentations. In doing so, I will propose several principles for designing effective audiovisual media interfaces that apply to a wide range of applications. I will also discuss several exciting future directions for audiovisual media interface research.
Thesis Committee: Frédo Durand / David Karger / Rob Miller