Allison Bishop Lewko (Microsoft Research New England) "Expanding Capabilities for Functional Encryption" - EECS Special Seminar


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Allison Bishop Lewko, Microsoft Research New England

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Card Description: 

EECS Special Seminar Series

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Monday, April 8, 2013 - 4:00pm

Research Area: 

Functional Encryption represents a new vision for designing
cryptosystems that simultaneously achieve flexible data sharing and
strong security.  Using a functional encryption scheme, a data owner
can specify an access policy that will be enforced by the encryption
scheme itself, allowing only authorized users to decrypt. In this
talk, I will present functional encryption schemes supporting
expressive access policies while retaining provable security
guarantees against powerful adversaries. In particular, I will
describe a new decentralized system enabling data encryption across
different trust domains.


Allison Bishop Lewko is a postdoctoral researcher at Microsoft
Research New England. She completed her Ph.D. in computer science at
The University of Texas at Austin in May 2012. She received her
bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Princeton University and a
masters in mathematics from The University of Cambridge. Much of her
research is focused on developing advanced cryptosystems with strong
security guarantees, though she is also active in the areas of
complexity theory, distributed computing, harmonic analysis, and