Student, faculty, and staff award winners honored at EECS Celebrates

Sunday, May 15, 2016 - 4:15pm

Here you can see photos and details from EECS Celebrates 2016.  EECS honored the Department's award recipients for the 2015-2016 academic year in a ceremony at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston on Sunday, May 15. Click below to scroll through photos of the event. All images are by Gretchen Ertl and courtesy of the MFA. 


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The 2016 award winners were: 

EECS Faculty Research Innovation Fellowship
Manolis Kellis

Frank Quick Faculty Research Innovation Fellowship
Jongyoon Han
Polina Golland

Louis D. Smullin ('39) Award for Teaching Excellence
Thomas Heldt

Jerome H. Saltzer Award
Yury Polyanskiy

Burgess ('52) & Elizabeth Jamieson Award for Excellence in Teaching
Regina Barzilay
Samuel Madden

Ruth and Joel Spira Teaching Award
Luca Daniel
Vinod Vaikuntanathan

EECS Outstanding Educator Award
Katrina LaCurts

StartMIT Competition First Place
De-Ice team: Alexandru Bratianu-Badea, Ruben Toubiana, Jelena Stojakovic, Hayden K. Cornwell

StartMIT Competition Runner Up
Steph Speirs

Paul L. Penfield Student Service Award
Pratheek Nagaraj
Joel Jean

Carlton E. Tucker Teaching Award
Jessica Noss

Harold L. Hazen Teaching Award
Ilia A. Lebedev

Frederick C. Hennie III Teaching Award
Atulya Yellepeddi
Tarek A. Lahlou
Jonathan D. Terry
Harihar G. Subramanyam

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) Award
Austin J. Liew
Ethan C. Payne

SuperUROP TA Award
Zoya Bylinskii

Jeremy Gerstle UROP Award
Eric C. Chen
Fernando A. Yordan
Project: 3-D Arm Reconstruction for Lymphedema Detection
Supervisor: Regina Barzilay

Morais (1986) and Rosenblum (1986) Award
Rachel Devlin
Eric Ponce
Project: Practical Magic
Supervisor: Steve Leeb

Anna Pogosyants UROP Award
Hayke Saribekyan
Project: Big Data Agglomeration for Connectomics
Supervisor: Nir Shavit

Lidlicker UROP Award
Ian M. Reynolds
Project: Human Echolocation in a Wearable Mobility
Supervisory: Aude Oliva

SuperUROP Outstanding Research Project Award
Julia Belk
Project: Control of DC Electrical Networks to Enable Peer-to-Peer Energy Sharing
Supervisor: David Perreault

SuperUROP Outstanding Research Project Award
Damon Doucet
Project: Creating a Compiler Instrumentation Framework
Supervisor: Charles Leiserson

SuperUROP Technical Report Award
Tally E. Portnoi
Project: Lipid Suppression for Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging of Infants: Improving Lipid-Basis Penalty Reconstruction with Multiple-TE Acquisition
Supervisor: Elfar Adalsteinsson

SuperUROP Technical Report Award
Nischal Bhandari
Project: Plane-Based Depth Image Completion
Supervisor: John Fisher

SuperUROP Technical Report Award
Alyssa P. Cartwright
Project: Optical Control of Engineered Mammalian Cells
Supervisor: Rajeev Ram

Northern Telecom/BNR Project Award Best 6.111 Project
Samuel M. Jacobs
Valerie Y. Sarge
Project: Surfing on a Sine Wave

Northern Telecom/BNR Project Award Best 6.111 Project
Kevin S. Chan
David J. Gomez
Battushig Myanganbayar
Project: Autonomous RC Car

George C. Newton Undergraduate Laboratory Prize: 6.111
Yanni E. Caroneos
Valentina I. Chamorro
Project: A DSP Audio PreAmplifier

David A. Chanen Writing Award for writing in 6.033
Dustin Doss
Project: Critique 2: MapReduce

Morris Joseph Levin Award Masterworks Thesis Presentation
Curtis Northcutt
Project: Detecting and Preventing "Multiple-Account" Cheating in Massive Open Online Courses
Supervisor: Isaac Chuang

Morris Joseph Levin Award Masterworks Thesis Presentation
Preet Garcha
Project: Fully Integrated Therman Energy Harvesting System to Start up at 20 mV
Supervisor: Anantha Chandrakasan

Charles & Jennifer Johnson CS MEng Thesis First Place
Jeevana Priya Inala
Project: Synthesis of Domain Specific CNF Encoders for Bit-Vector Solvers
Supervisor: Armando Solar-Lezama

Charles & Jennifer Johnson CS MEng Thesis Second Place
Casey M. O'Brien
Project: Solving ANTS with Loneliness Detection and Constant Memory
Supervisor: Nancy Lynch

David Adler EE MEng Thesis Award
Max H. Dunitz
Project: Predicting Hyperlactatemia in the ICU
Supervisors: Thomas Heldt, George Verghese

J. Francis Reintjes Excellence in VI-A Industrial Practice Award
Rebecca Kekelishvili
Faculty Advisor: Katrina LaCurts
Company Supervisor: Padmanabhan Iyer (NetApp)

ACM/IEEE Best Advisor Award
Bob Berwick

HKN Best Instructor Award
Katrina LaCurts

Richard J. Caloggero Award
Myron (Fletch) Freeman

Department Head Special Recognition Award
Lisa Bella
Kate Boison

Presentation from the ceremony (all photos are by Gretchen Ertl and were made courtesy of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)