More Than Moore OpensThe New Semiconductor World

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 - 4:15pm

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013, 34-101, @4:15pm.  Refreshments @ 4:00pm.
More Than Moore OpensThe New Semiconductor World
The more Moore approach has been brought the remarkable progress to the semiconductor industry. However, this approach is getting difficult to produce excellent performance in comparison with the investment amount for it. Recently, the More than Moore approach is getting more interesting to enhance the value added and it’s differentiation on semiconductor devices. New functions have been created on Si-LSI devices by applying new materials to Si-LSI technology. And new type of complex devices have been invented by merging plural different technology fields such as Bio-technology, Photonics, Micro mechanics, Electronics and tec. Here, CIGS film applied super high sensitive Image sensors,  Ferroelectric film applied Non-Volatile logic devices, high efficient power modules used Si devices, m-TAS technology embedded Bio-sensors and more unique devices are presented.
Hidemi “hank” ta kasu is a managing director and member of the board at ROHM Co., Ltd. He has been a guest professor at several universities in Japan and China, and has won several awards, including ASIC of the Year “The Semiconductor Industry News -FLAH based FPGA-(1997),” ISIF2001 (2001), The Semiconductor Industry News 9th LSI Design Of The Year Device Section Special Award, “system LSI technology using ferroelectric device” (2002), JJAP (Japanese Journal of Applied Physicspaper award) (2008), and the Outstanding Achievement in the Area of Electronics, The Japan Electronic Association (2012).