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Nanobiotechnology microsieve--Voldman research
Nanoelectronics, magnetics and optics
Nanofabrication, nanomaterials and nanobiomaterials
Nano- and micro-mechanics and fluidics
Nano-scale simulation and numerical modeling
quantum information processing


Quantitative understanding, manipulation and use of biological systems at nanoscopic length scales are the major goals of nanobiotechnology research. Many technologies are developed and used to study a variety of biosystems, including nano/micro-fluidics, precision electronics, femtosecond optics, computational models and molecular probes.

  faculty classes
nanobiotechnology Baldo, Bhatia, Freeman, Han, Ram, Sarpeshkar, Tidor, Voldman, White, Yanik, Zahn 6.07, 6.021, 6.023, 6.122, 6.376, 6.581




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