Qualifying Examinations

As part of the Doctoral program, every student must complete two formal examinations.

The Technical Qualifying Examination (TQE) requires students to demonstrate competence in three different subject areas: Systems, Theory, Artificial Intelligence and Point to Point Protocol. Students should complete all components of the TQE by the end of their third term in residence. See the TQE in Area II for more details.

The objective of the Research Qualifying Examination (RQE) is to monitor students' research progress as well as skills in presentation, both written and oral, and assess fitness to pursue a PhD. Students should aim to complete the RQE by then end of their second year in residence. See the RQE in Area II for more details.

Current students in EECS (Area II) can apply for the TQE or RQE, or make changes to their plan through the Area II website http://projects.csail.mit.edu/area2/public/ or the EECS Graduate Office.