Circuits Faculty and Staff and their Areas of Interest

name phone email office
Agarwal, A. 3-1448 32-G782
Computer architecture and software systems, multicore architecture, multicore operating systems, self-aware computing, VLSI processors, compilations and runtime technologies for parallel computing.
Baggageroer, A.B. 3-4336 abb@BOREAS.MIT.EDU 5-206A
Sonar, array processing for sonar, radar and seismic systems, acoustic telemetry, oceanography using acoustics.
Brooks, R.A. 3-5223 32-G430
Humanoid robotics. Artificial life. Living machines. (Emeritus)
Burns, S. K. 3-2577 E25-213
Medical instrumentation, microprocessor-based instrumentation and system development hardware and software, analog and digital signal processing, real-time computer networks, electrocardiography, sports medicine, telephony. Medical instruments in the developing world. HST website link.
Chandrakasan, A.P. 8-7619 38-107
Design of digital integrated circuits and systems. Energy efficient implementation of signal processing, communication and medical electronics.  Circuit design with emerging technologies.
Cooke, C.M. 3-2591 cmcooke@MIT.EDU N10-201
Electrostatic phenomena, properties and theories of dielectrics at high stresses. Generation and measurement of high voltages and electron X-ray beams. High resolution computerized tomography and acoustic wave imaging. Electronic instrumentation circuits. Sensors and monitoring systems.
Daniel, L. 3-2631 36-849
Parameterized model order reduction and nonlinear dynamical systems.  Mixed-signal, RF and mm-wave circuit modeling and robust optimization. Power electronics, MEMs design and fabrication.  Parasitic extraction and accelerated integral equation field solvers.
Devadas, S. 3-0454 32-G844
Computer-aided design. Computer security. Computer architecture.
Gray, M.L. 8-8974 E25-519
Molecular imaging of cartilage.  Cartilage degeneration and repair. Electrical, mechanical and chemical mediators of connective tissue growth and development.  Ion partitioning and transport in biological tissues.
Ilic, M. 3-4682 ilic@MIT.EDU E40-486
Control of large scale nonlinear systems; applications to electric power systems; large scale nonlinear networks. Modeling of economic feedback in large scale network-based industries.
Kassakian, J.G. 3-3448 10-172
Power electronics.  Power supplies, dc/dc converters, inverters, controlled rectifiers and motor drives, power semiconductor devices.  Automotive electronics and electrical systems. High energy storage double-layer capacitors. Electric power systems.
Kirtley, J.L., Jr. 3-2357 10-098
Electromechanics, electric machinery, electric power systems engineering, distributed and alternative energy. systems
Knight, T.F., Jr. 3-7807 32-312
Computer architectures and programming languages for artificial intelligence applications, image and auditory perception.  Physics of computation.  High speed digital design.
Lang, J. H. 3-4687 10-176
Analysis, design and control of physical systems.  Emphasis on electromechanical systems.  Traditional electric machines, microsensors, microactuators and flexible structures.
Lee, H.-S. 3-5174 39-553A
Research in analog integrated circuits in CMOS and BiCMOS technologies.  Implementation of early vision algorithms in CCD and resistive fuse circuits.   (On Leave All Year).
Leeb, S.B. 3-9360 10-169
Design, analysis, construction, control, and monitoring of servomechanical actuators and mechatronic systems.  Application of exotic materials including gel polymers to actuator construction.
Masaki, I. 3-8532 masaki@MIT.EDU 38-107
VLSI architecture. Emphasis on interrelationship among applications, systems, algorithms, and chip architectures. Major application fields includes intelligent transportation systems, video, and multimedia.
Peh, L-S. 324-8428 32-G780
Interconnection networks (networks connecting subsystems within a digital system, such as multiprocessors, blades, disks, cluster, router line cards, on-chip modules and embedded systems), with particular interest in power-aware interconnection networks.
Penfield, P.L., Jr. 3-2506 38-344
Information and entropy. (Emeritus)
Perreault, D.J. 8-6038 10-039
Electronic circuit design, power electronics and energy conversion, control. Applications to industrial, commercial, scientific, transportation, and biomedical systems.
Roberge, J.K 3-5994 38-483
Electronic circuit design, including space circuitry; design for integrated circuits; analog to digital conversion techniques, and other analog-digital circuits. Feedback systems.
Sarpeshkar, R. 3-6599 38-294
Bioelectronics: biomedical and bio-inspired electronics (electronics inspired by cell biology or neurobiology). Ultra low power, ultra miniature, and ultra energy efficient circuits and systems. Medical implants for the deaf, blind, paralyzed, cardiac, and other applications. Brain-machine interfaces. Systems biology, synthetic biology, and analog circuit design of molecular and cellular circuits.
Shapiro, J.H. 3-4179 36-419
Quantum communication and measurement. Optical communication through the atmosphere.
Sodini, C.G. 3-4938 39-527A
Design of technology-intensive microsystems, emphasizing integrated circuit design at the device level, including silicon mm-wave imaging systems and medical electronics systems.
Stojanovic, V.M. 324-4913 38-260
Modeling of noise and dynamics in circuits and systems. Application of convex optimization to digital communications, analog and VLSI circuits. Communications and signal processing architecture.  High-speed electrical and optical links, on-chip signaling, clock generation and distribution.  High-speed digital and mixed-signal IC design.
Terman, C. 8-8995 32-G790
Computer and DSP architectures; VLSI circuits, design methodologies and CAD tools; circuit simulation; computer languages.
Verghese, G.C. 3-4612 10-140K
Structure and dynamics of networked systems; estimation, control, signal processing; physically-based model of reduction; applications, especially in biomedicine, biology and power systems.
White, J.K. 3-2543 36-880
Numerical simulation and optimization techniques with application to problems in integrated circuit interconnect and packaging, micromachined devices (MEMS and bioMEMS), photonic devices, drug design, and systems biology.
Wyatt, J.L. 3-6718 36-864
Implantable retinal prosthesis. Neural coding. Random process models. Dynamics of nonlinear circuits and systems.
Zue, V.W. 3-8513 32-G470
Human-human and human-machine communication using spoken and written languages. Audio/visual cue integration.  Detection and rendering of paralinguistic information. Acoustic-phonetic analysis of speech and strategies for lexical access.