Academic Program

Professional expertise requires a thorough understanding of fundamentals together with the more advanced technology unique to one’s area of specialization. The core Circuits subjects are listed in the MIT Bulletin in the section Electronics, Computers, and Systems and are in the 6.3xx group. However, because of the broad area of coverage of Circuits, at least half of the other Course 6 subjects are relevant graduate work in Circuits.

Students in Circuits are advised either to take the fundamental subjects relevant to their special interests, or have learned those fundamentals elsewhere. Note that two advanced undergraduate course can be applied toward an SM degree. In addition, it is generally recommended that one or more additional fundamental electives be taken because professional competence today requires considerable breadth. These courses might form part of a minor for a doctoral program. The recommended curriculum for students in Circuits includes at least four courses from the 6.3xx group, including at least one graduate elective course from each of the following three groups: 1) signal processing, communications, and control, 2) devices, circuits, and digital design, and 3) the more specialized or applications courses.