EECS Area IV Engineering Physics topic: Devices Area IV Engineering Physics: Devices

Building on the wealth of research in Materials, Area IV faculty and research staff design, create, and investigate a multitude of devices involving complex combinations of organic and inorganic semiconductors, polymers and small molecules, magnetic materials and carbon or graphene sheets. Faculty/research staff expertise in the topic areas of Microsystems and Nanotechnology are an enabling capability that is brought to bear to advance contributions in devices.

The many different devices that are investigated include display devices, flexible and transparent optoelectronic devices and multi-color emitters, semiconductor lasers and optical amplifiers, THz and solid-state lasers, light emitting diodes, solar cells, photodetectors, MOSFETs and high-electron mobility transistors, and thermoelectric and thermo-photovoltaic devices. Ultracapacitors, having performance enhanced by the use of nanotubes offers research in energy storage devices. Implementing material machining at the micro-scale and nano-scale, photonic crystal devices are created and investigated, along with nano-fluidic filters, micro-sensors and micro-actuators.

In all cases, fundamental chemistry, physics, materials science, as applied to the macro-scale and nano-scale, provide the foundations to examine new phenomena, such as electrostatics at the micro-scale for bio-molecule manipulation and transport in nano-space. As one might expect, the topic of Devices, in Area IV Engineering Physics, naturally weaves together many of the other highlighted topics contained in the research endeavors of Area IV. A research project in the topic of Devices will necessarily be multidisciplinary.

Check the EECS section of the MIT Open Course Ware (OCW) or for EECS classes on the MIT Catalogue section for Course 6. A number of undergraduate and graduate subjects address Devices and include:

Undergraduate Subjects:

6.007 Fall, Spring Applied Electromagnetics: from Motors to Lasers
6.012 Fall, Spring Microelectronic Devices and Circuits
6.07J Spring Projects in Microscale engineering for the Life Sciences
6.071J Spring Electronics, Signals, and Measurement
6.122J Fall, Spring Instrumentation and Measurement for Biological Systems
6.152J Fall, Spring Micro/Nanoscale Processing Technology
6.161J Fall Modern Optics Project Laboratory (meets with 6.637)
6.301 Fall Solid State Circuits
6.602 Spring, alt odd yrs Fundamentals of Photonics (meets with 6.621)
6.701 Spring Introduction to Nanoelectronics (meets with 6.719)

First Year and Introductory Graduate Subjects:

6.621 Spring, alt odd yrs Fundamentals of Photonics (meets with 6.602)
6.641 Spring Electromagnetics Fields, Forces and Motion
6.634J Spring Nonlinear Optics
6.637 Fall Modern Optics Project Laboratory (meets with 6.161)
6.673 Spring, alt odd yrs Introduction to Numerical Simulation in Electrical Engineering
6.719 Spring Nanoelectronics (meets with 6.701)
6.720J Fall Integrated Microelectronic Devices
6.732 Fall, alt even yrs Physics of Solids
6.763 Fall, alt odd yrs Applied Superconductivity
6.772 Spring, alt odd yrs Compound Semiconductor and Heterostructure Devices

More Advanced Graduate Subjects:

6.729 Fall, alt even yrs Molecular Electronics
6.731 Fall, alt even yrs Semiconductor Optoelectronics: Theory and Design
6.774 Fall Physics of Microfabrication: Front End Processing
6.777J Spring Design and Fabrication of MEMS
6.778J Spring Materials and Processes for Microelectromechanical Devices and Systems
6.789 Fall, alt odd yrs Organic Optoelectronics

The following seminars cover material relevant to the topic of Devices in Area IV Engineering Physics:

Microsystems Technology Laboratory VLSI Seminar
Tuesdays, 4pm, room 34-101

Optics and Quantum Electronics Seminar
Wednesdays, 11am, room 36-428 (RLE Haus Room)

Micro/Nano-Technology Seminar Series
Thursdays at 3pm, RLE Conference Center, room 36-462/428

Center for Integrated Photonic Systems (CIPS) Brown Bag Seminar Series
Thursdays at 12 noon, room, 36-428 (RLE Haus Room)

NanoStructures Lab (NSL) Group Meeting
Fridays, 3pm, room 36-428 (RLE Haus Room)

The following laboratories contribute to advance research in Devices:

Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL)
Nanostructures Laboratory (NSL)
Nanoprecision Deposition Laboratory (NDL)
Laboratory of Organic Optics and Electronics (LOOE)
Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE)
Optics and Quantum Electronics Group
Center for Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE)
Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies (ISN)