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Turbine projects

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Wind Turbine Generator
James L. Kirtley, Jr.

We have built an experimental generator intended as a prototype for wind energy applications. This is a variable shaft speed, constant electrical frequency machine that operates similar to doubly-fed (slip ring) machines. It employs, however, a second rotor that contains permanent magnets and is freely spinning. This permits the use of an air-gap armature winding and should be more efficient and more compact than ordinary doubly-fed machines in this application.

Micro Gas Turbine Project
Jeffrey H. Lang

We aim to develop portable electric power supplies consisting of miniaturized turbines. The goal of the effort is to produce the first fully-integrated and fully-packaged magnetic generator driven by an air turbine, and use it to produce approximately 10W of electrical output power from a volume of approximately 0.5cm3.






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