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This is a list of those EECS faculty members whose research and/or teaching involves at least some direct or indirect connection with energy.

EECS Faculty Member
Areas of energy research interests
Balakrishnan, Hari transportation
Baldo, Marc A. lighting; solar photovoltaics
Berggren, Karl K. energy storage

Bulovic, Vladimir

lighting; solar photovoltaics
Chandrakasan, Anantha energy use: electronic devices
Dresselhaus, Mildred S. thermoelectrics
Han, Jongyoon energy storage
Kassakian, John G. thermophotovoltaics
Kirtley, James L., Jr. electric machines; transmission; turbine projects
Kolodziejski, L. A. thermophotovoltaics
Lang, Jeffrey H. micro energy harvest; turbine projects
Leeb, Steven B. architectural energy use; lighting
Madden, Samuel R. transportation
Palacios, Tomás electronic devices
Perreault, David J. electronic devices
Ram, Rajeev thermoelectrics
Schindall, Joel E. energy storage
Teller, Seth transportation
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