Communication Requirement


All undergraduates are required to take four communication-intensive (CI) subjects to fulfill MIT's communication requirement. Two of these subjects must be in the student's major department (CI-M subjects). CI-M classes satisfy the major program requirements and their units count as units beyond the GIRs.

Course VI students must take at least one CI-M class by the end of the third year and one in the fourth year. Taking both by the end of the third year is permitted when appropriate. Only CI-M classes in the student's department can be used to meet the requirement, but students may take more than two CI-M classes.  For students in the new curriculum, one of the CI-M classes must be either 6.UAT or 6.UAR SuperUROP.

M.Eng. students who choose to receive their bachelor's degree at the end of the fifth year (or later) may delay their final CI-M class. However, in all cases failure to complete a CI-M class in the major by the end of the third year will result in a communication requirement warning and a credit limit. If the first CI-M is still not complete by the end of the following term, an academic warning with an even stricter credit limit will result. Students may petition to have their plan for CI-M completion accepted using this form.


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