6-2 interview with Kevin Zheng


Course 6-2 and 6-A student Kevin Zheng

What were your interests as a high school student and how did you come to choose Course 6 when you came to MIT?

I was a big fan of physics and specifically electromagnetism, at the same time electronics and computers still were big mysteries to me even though we use them all the time. I then decided to pursue Course 6 to learn about the electronics and computers. My dad’s electrical engineering background also had some influence on me in choosing Course 6.

Once you decided to major in Course 6, what led you to choose 6-2?

Course 6 has many exciting fields under it and as a new student exploring all the possibilities Course 6 has to offer, I felt 6-2 was the best option for me to that. The advantage of choosing your own mix of electrical engineering and computer science really would allow me to make decisions better and have the fundamentals needed to go into either field.

What are the aspects of 6-2 you liked the best and how have you found your interests grow or change as you've gone on?

6-2 in my opinion is one of the best programs EECS department offered. I was able to learn about both EE and CS disciplines and understand them as one entity instead of drawing a solid line between the two. I learned to appreciate the importance of either field. As time goes on, I chose circuit design as my primary interest and the research area I want to pursue. However, the computer science skills I obtained still contributed greatly to my day to day work with my current research.

Where do you envision yourself headed next and how do you think 6-2 has prepared you?

After the VI-A program with Analog Devices, I will most likely apply for graduate school for a PhD program. There is also the possibility of joining the industry for some time to gain some more experience. 6-2’s curriculum really covered the essential knowledge I need to succeed in either academia or industry. I am confident that I will be able to learn new things more quickly due to a broad knowledge range thanks to 6-2.