6-1 Interview with Kelly Ran


What were your interests as a high school student and how did you come to choose Course 6 when you came to MIT?

In high school, my main interests were energy- and sustainability-related. I chose Course 6 for three main reasons.  a.  I liked 6.01 and really enjoyed 6.002 and looked forward to taking more classes in the major.  b. The department has a lot of resources and is supportive of the students. I love the Course 6 community. c. EE has a lot of applications, and I liked the idea of being able to work in many industries with an EE degree.

Once you decided to major in Course 6, what led you to choose 6-1?  

I've always liked being hands-on and working with physical objects. I also loved Physics in high school and enjoy the E&M aspect of 6-1. I also was turned off by the start-up mania that seems to be prevalent in 6-3.

What are the aspects of 6-1 you liked the best and how have you found your interests grow or change as you've gone on?

I have loved getting to interact with some really superb professors and being able to take awesome 6-1 lab classes. The best feeling in the world is when the subject matter is so intellectually stimulating, and the professor conveys knowledge and enthusiasm so well, that the toil and crippling struggles don't matter.

Where do you envision yourself headed next and how do you think 6-1 has prepared you?

I am going to grad school and then entering industry. I hope to do work that solves problems that are crucial to human progress. 6-1 has prepared me by making me think.