3. Off-Campus Theses


Thesis research is usually carried out in laboratories operated by M.I.T. and located on-campus. There are some exceptions to this general rule which do not require explicit approval:

Students in the 6A MEng Thesis Program who are doing their theses at their 6A company, and those doing research at MIT Lincoln Lab or the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory need only arrange for the Company Letters to be received with their proposals and final documents.  Students doing research at the Joint Program with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Whitehead, The Broad Institute, or the Harvard Teaching Hospitals are also excepted.

All such theses must have an M.I.T. faculty or approved research staff supervisor as well as a supervisor at the off-campus location.

Students not covered by the cases listed above must request permission of the Department Undergraduate Officer to pursue thesis research off-campus, and it is unlikely to be granted.   Under no circumstances will projects undertaken at a company be approved as M.Eng. theses after the fact.


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