6.S063 Engineering Interactive Technologies


Undergraduate  - AUS2, II, DLAB
Prerequisites: 6.005, 6.031, 6.111, 6.115 or permission of instructor
Units: 3-3-6
Instructor:  Professor Stefanie Mueller (stefanie.mueller@mit.edu)
Schedule:  Lecture/Lab WF1-3 in room 38-501
Subject Description
Teaches how to build cutting edge interactive technologies, explains the underlying engineering
concepts, and shows how those technologies evolved over time. Most of the class uses a studio
format, i.e., extended periods of time for constructing software and hardware prototypes under the
supervision of the teaching team. Every week, we will cover a different type of interactive
technology, including multi-touch, augmented reality, haptics, wearables, shape-changing
interfaces, and more. Enrollment limited to 30 students.