Program Objectives


Engineering Ethos

Graduates will bring the physical, analytical and computational approaches of EECS to bear on the challenges they take on, abstracting essential structure, recognizing sources of uncertainty, and applying appropriate models, technical tools, and evaluations to develop their solutions.

  • EECS graduates approach new problems with a technical orientation, whether these problems involve engineering, management, medicine, education, law, or the creative arts.


Graduates will bring to their careers the self-assurance, integrity, and technical strengths that drive innovation, and the communication and collaboration skills to inspire and guide the groups they work with in bringing their ideas to fruition.

  • The impact of EECS graduates is measured not only by their individual technical innovations, but also by their influence on their teams and companies, and on their fields. Our goal is to prepare graduates to be effective leaders in their fields and careers.


Graduates will apply their abilities, talents, and insights creatively and productively in fields and professions beyond those explicitly represented in, or anticipated by, the EECS curriculum.

  • EECS graduates make their mark on the world in many ways: they start companies, become professors, invent technologies, and make creative contributions in every profession, science, and art.


Graduates will be sensitive to professional and societal contexts, committed to ethical action, and engaged in life-long learning to remain effective members of their communities.

  • EECS graduates will apply their talents in the real world. They must have the skills and attitudes to be responsible and thoughtful contributors to society.