Fellowships for Continuing Students


Most EECS graduate students continuing in the SM and PhD programs are supported by RESEARCH ASSISTANTSHIPS or TEACHING ASSISTANTSHIPS. (Newly admitted students are automatically considered for all assistantships and Departmental fellowships, and these students should see the Admissions FAQ #17 concerning finanacial support for newly admitted students). Assistantships pay full tuition and a monthly stipend for the tenure of the appointment.

Assistantship appointments are made for one term, for the nine month academic year, for a three month summer appointment or for any combination. Renewals are based on the performance and progress of the students as well as the financial capabilities of the faculty member in charge. Students should never assume that their assistantship will continue. Responsibility for securing support after the first year remains with the student.

EECS students continuing in the SM and Ph.D. programs are eligible to apply for the fellowships listed in the table below. For some of the fellowships, the student applies directly to the funding agency; for others, the students are usually nominated by faculty and the nominations are processed through the EECS Graduate Office. (Newly admitted students should not use this table, see Admissions FAQ #17 for more detail.)

Graduate Fellowship Opportunities 2010

Linked Sponsors Due date (estimated) Comments Procedure
Fellowships where Applications are submitted by student to sponsor
Boren Scholarship N/A $24-$30K for study in world regions critical to US interests Apply directly to Boren
Chateaubriand Fellowship 31 December 10 mos of support, offered by Embassy of France Apply directly to sponsor
DOE 11 January open to students in high performance computer eng., full support Apply directly to sponsor
Eben Tisdale Fellowship 15 February Summer internships in WA for students interested in government Apply directly to sponsor
Grad Women in Science 15 January Max. allowable award is $10K, one year only Apply directly to GWIS
Herst Fellowship 15 December URM willing to intern in WA for 15 weeks Apply directly to Aspen
Hertz 31 October 3-5 yrs of support, apply online Apply directly to Fdtn
HHMI Int'l. Student Fellowship 21 October Int'l students only, $30K stipend, open to 10 students only Apply directly to ODGE
Jefferson Science Fellowship 15 January students spend one year in WA w/state dept. Apply directly to sponsor
Krell Institute 12 January $36K stipend, full tuit. 12wk summer practicum, renewable up to 4 yrs Apply directly to DOE
KUST 15 January Saudi fellowship for SM students in Sci & Tech Apply directly to KAUST
Legatum Fellowship 31 January for students who demonstrate potential to create for-profit enterprises Apply directly to Legatum
L'Oreal USA Fellowship 18 October Post-doc women only, $60K Apply online to L'Oreal
Luce Scholars Program 17 October for students and junior fac who want summer internships in Asia Apply directly to CIS
NVIDIA 3 February for students doing visual and parallel computing research Apply directly to NVIDIA
NASA Aero Scholarship 16-Jan for students in Aero, Mech Eng, Chem Eng, CS, Physics & Math Apply directly to ASEE
Nat'l Research Council 2 February 1 or 2 yr postdoc awards of $30K-$75K, US and int'l applicants Apply directly to sponsor
NDSEG 2-Jan support for 36 continuous months w/option of summer internship@DoD Apply directly to DOD
NSF 1 December 3 yrs of support, students apply online Apply directly to Fdn
Schlumberger Fdn. 30 November Faculty for the Future, $25k-$50K renewable Apply directly to sponsor
Switzer Foundation 15 January for students committed to environmental leadership ($15k) Apply directly to Fdtn
Smart Scholarship Program 1 Dec US Cit only, full 12 mo support, must work for DoD on completion Apply directly to DoD
Whitaker Int'l Prog. 24 January biomedical eng study or research abroad Apply directly to sponsor
Wilson Award 18 January $7k toward opportunities abroad Apply directly to sponsor
Fellowships where Applications are submitted through the EECS Department
Chorafas Foundation 1 April 2 awards of $4K each for Meng students Apply via EECS Grad Office
CIMIT 30 September 2 candidates chosen, 2nd or 3rd yr of grad school, full support 9 mos Nominated by Dept.
DuPont Fellowship   chosen from incoming pool Nominated by Dept.
Energy Initiative   3 candidates chosen from new incoming pool Nominated by Dept.
Google 6 February 12 mos full support for student in Computational Eng. Nominated by Dept.
Kambourides 15 January 12 mos full support for student in Computational Eng. Nominated by Dept.
Kaufman Foundation 15-Sep $20K support to students in the area of entreprenership Nominated by  Dept.
Google 6-Feb "Qualified" PhD students only, CS and related fields Nominated by Dept.
IBM 31 October 9 mos sup., in fields of interest to IBM Nominated by Dept.
Kambourides 1-Dec 12 mos full support for student in Computational Eng. Nominated by Dept.
Liebmann Fund 12-Dec for students in humanities and social sci. & Medicine Nominated by Dept.
Kaufman Foundation 15 September $20K support to students in the area of entreprenership Nominated by Dept.
Microsoft 1-Feb for students in CS, math& physics/ women & minorities  preferred Nominated by Dept.
Microsoft Res./women 17-Oct 2nd 3rd yr of PhD prog and first year women. Nominated by Dept.
ODGE/Arab Republic 17-Mar For Egyptian students  interested in betterment of Egyptian people Nominated by Dept.
ODGE / Berman 17-Mar First preference to Israeli graduates from Technion Nominated by Dept.
ODGE/Collamore-Rogers 17 March for women Nominated by Dept.
ODGE Misc. 17-Mar see website for criteria Nominated by Dept.
ODGE/Vergottis 17-Mar For any student of Greek nationality Nominated by Dept.
ODGE/Whitaker 17-Mar For student in life sciences of bioengineering Nominated by Dept.
ODGE/Hugh H. Young 17-Mar For a continuing MIT student with broad interests and leadership Nominated by Dept.
Siebel 7-Jul $35K each to 5 students in final year of grad degree program Nominated by Dept.
Simons Grad Fellowship in Theoretical Computer Science 26-Mar 2-year Fellowship, covers 12 mos of stipend, tuition, fees and travel chosen by Theory Group
Xerox 27-May top tier students,  especially women & UMS in School of Engr. Nominated by Dept.