Kanellakis Fellowships


Paris Kanellakis, an MIT graduate (PhD 1982) and Brown University computer science faculty member who died in a tragic plane crash on Dec. 20, 1995.

MIT EECS offers a special graduate fellowship that was established in memory of Paris Kanellakis, an MIT graduate (PHD 1982) and Brown computer science faculty member, who died in a tragic plane accident on December 20, 1995.

The Kanellakis fellowships are the result of a generous donation from General and Mrs. Kanellakis, Paris' father and mother. They are awarded to students accepted into the doctoral program in computer science. In keeping with the wishes of General and Mrs. Kanellakis, we prefer to award these fellowships to students from Greece whenever possible. The Kanellakis family also made a donation to Brown University, where Paris was a faculty member.

More information on the life and career of Dr. Kanellakis can be found here.

Previous Kanellakis Fellowship Recipients

2015-2016 Dimitrios Tsipras
2014-2015 Lea Verou
2013-2014 Aikaterini Sotiraki
2012-2013 Themistoklis Gouleakis
2011-2012 Christos Tzamos
2009-2010 Georgios Angelopoulos
2008-2009 Vasileios-Mario Gkortsas
2007-2008 Georgios Papachristoudis
2006-2007 Georgia Evangelia Katsargyri
2005-2006 Apostolos Fertis (PhD 2009)
2004-2005 Nikolaos Andrikogiannopoulos (SM 2006, MBA 2011)
2003-2004 Anastasios Sidiropoulos (PhD 2008)
2002-2003 Christos Christoudias (PhD 2009)
2001-2002 Aristidis Karalis (ScD 2008)
2000-2001 Christos Kapoutsis (PhD 2006)
1999-2000 Manolis Kamvysselis (PhD 2006; now Prof. Manolis Kellis)