Subject UPDATES Spring 2020


Check the subject updates for Spring Term 2020 by clicking on the appropriate subject card on this page. These comprise the known changes for subject offerings by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. For further information about any subject contact the instructor directly.

6.881 Optimizationn for Machine Learning
Graduate Level; Units 3-0-9; Prereqs: 18.06, 6.036; 6.041; 6.255; Instructor: Professor Suvrit Sra; Schedule: MW1-2:30, room 4-265
6.S077 Introduction to Data Science
Undergraduate; Units: 4-0-8; Prerequisites: 6.041A; Instructor: Devavrat Shah (; Schedule: TBD
6.347 Advanced Topics in Signal and Systems: Information Acquisition and Processing
Graduate Level; Units: 3-0-9; Instructor: Petros T. Boufounos (; Schedule: MW2-3:30, Room TBD
6.882 Embodied Intelligence
Graduate Level; Units: 3-0-9; Prerequisites: Required: 6.036 or 6.867 and 6.006 or 6.046; Recommended: one of 6.034, 6.804, 16.410, 6.834; Instructor: Professors Phillip Isola; Schedule: Lectures TR1-2:30, room TBA; Enrollment limited to 50
6.894 Interactive Data Visualization
Graduate Level; Units: 3-0-9; Prereqs: 6.031; Instructor: Professor Arvind Satyanarayan (; Schedule: TBD
6.818 Dynamic Computer Language Engineering (NEW, formerly 6.S081)
Undergraduate Level; Prereqs: 6.004 or 6.031; Units: 4-4-4; Instructor: Professor Michael Carbin; Schedule: TBD
6.S979 Multi-Stakeholder Negotiation for Technical Experts
Graduate Level; Units 2-0-4; Prereq: Permission of Instructor; Instructors: Samuel Dinnar and Takeo Kuwabara; Schedule: T1-3pm, room 34-301
6.S897 Classic CS
Graduate level; Units: 3-0-9; Prereqs: none; Schedule: MW10-11:30, room 32-044; Instructor: Professor Harry R. Lewis, Visiting Professor
6.883 Modeling with Machine Learning: From Algorithms to Applications
Graduate Level; Units: 3-0-9; Prereqs: 18.02, 6.006 or equivalent; permission of instructors; limited enrollment; Instructors: Professor Tommi Jaakkola (; Schedule: TBD
6.885 Probabilistic Programming and Artificial Intelligence
Graduate Level; Units: 3-0-9; Prereqs: Familiarity with programming and probability theory, plus permission of instructors; Instructors: Vikash Mansinghka, Josh Tenenbaum, and Martin Rinard; Schedule: TR3-4:30, room 34-302
6.886 Algorithm Engineering
Graduate Level; Units 3-0-9; Prereqs: 6.046, 6.172; Instructor: Prof. Julian Shun (; Schedule: TR2:30-4, room 1-190