6.889 Advanced Topics in the Theory of Cryptography


Units: 3-0-9
Prerequisite: 6.875J or permission of instructor
Schedule: TR1-2:30, room 1-190
Instructor:   Prof. Shafi Goldwasser along with Adam Sealfon, Justin Holmgren, Aloni Cohen, and Sunoo Park
this subject qualifies as an Advanced Topics in Theoretical Computer Science concentration subject.
This course will cover a variety of topics in cryptography that are often not included in an introductory course. Topics will include multi-party computation, delegation of computation, homomorphic encryption, functional encryption, and obfuscation, in addition to a number of topics in the foundations of cryptography. Though in some respects a sequel to 6.875, this course will be self contained and should be accessible to a student with a background in theoretical computer science or sufficient mathematical maturity.