6.S898 Readings in Database Systems - A Revised Version of the "Red Book"


Graduate H- Level
Units:  2-0-6
Prerequisites: 6.830/6.814 or equivalent
Instructor: Dr. Michael Stonebraker (stonebraker@csail.mit.edu)
Schedule: M2-4, Room 34-301
There have been 4 volumes of the “red book” (Readings in Database Systems), published about every 5 years since 1993.   Each has been a collection of what I think are the most important papers that grad students should read in the DBMS field, together with a commentary on the papers.  The most recent edition was published in 2008. 
Since then there have been significant important developments (the emergence of column stores, Hadoop, high-speed OLTP engines, just to name a few).  This course will be offered in parallel at MIT and Berkeley (under the direction of co-author Joe Hellerstein).  The purpose will be to discuss what papers should be included in the next edition of the red book.  This course will be offered once in fall 2014.