6.888 Wireless Communication Systems


Graduate H-Level
Units: 3-0-9
Prereqs:  Basic knowledge of computer and data networks
Instructor:  Prof. Dina Katabi, dina@csail.mit.edu
Schedule: L R3-5, room 32-124, R F11, room 32-124
This subject qualifies as a subject in the Computer Systems or Communications Engineering Concentration
This class teaches hands-on experience with wireless communication systems such as WiFi and LTE.  We will focus on how signals are transmitted and received, the impact of the wireless channels, and how to deal with noise and radio imperfections. We will also teach the basics of MIMO systems. We have an FCC license to transmit and receive in the whitespaces. We will build a wireless transceiver in software radios and run a small network in the whitespaces.