6.S975 Seminar on Learning and Data-Driven Algorithms in Geometry


Graduate level PDF
Units: 2-0-7
Prerequisites: knowledge of Linear Algebra, Calculus, and basic programming skills
Instructors: Professor Justin Solomon (jsolomon@mit.edu), Tal Shnitzer-Dery (talsd@mit.edu), Oded Stein (ostein@mit.edu)
Schedule: Monday 1-3, room 34-303
In this class, we will read papers on geometry and simulation, and track the history of the subject from classical papers all the way to the current time, where machine learning and data-driven algorithms are employed to enhance classical methods. This seminar has a unique structure: every week, each participant plays a different role and prepares a small presentation of the paper from their point of view. There will be a wide variety of roles, such as peer reviewer, programmer, graphic designer, PhD student, private investigator, historian, and more.