6.S078 Engineering the Internet (meets with 6.450)


Undergraduate Level (AUS, Lab)
Units: 3-0-9
Prerequisites: 6.02, 6.041, 6.042, or equivalent
Instructor:  Professor Muriel Medard (medard@mit.edu)
Schedule: TR2:30-4, room 2-105

This course will meet with graduate subject 6.450 combining the basics of signal processing, communications, networking and information theory. By relying on ample examples from current networking and communications, and by providing simplified proofs, accessible to students with only an introductory knowledge of probability, the course will seek to provide an integrated, systems-level view of current networking, including storage, while laying the foundations of analysis and design. Topics include areas of network security, cloud computing and evolution of fifth-generation (5G) wireless systems. Combines themes from both EE and CS in a naturally integrated fashion.