6.S060 Foundations of Computer Security


Undergraduate Level
Prereq: 6.006 and 6.033, or permission of instructor
Units: 4-0-8
Instructors: Professors Henry Corrigan-Gibbs (henrycg@csail.mit.edu), Srini Devadas (devadas@mit.edu), and Yael Kalai (tauman@mit.edu)
Schedule: Lec MW11-12:30, room 36-153; Rec F11, 35-308; F3, room 35-308
More information: https://6s060.csail.mit.edu/2021/
Fundamental notions and big ideas in cryptography and computer security including: pseudorandomness, cryptographic hash functions, symmetric cryptography, authentication codes, key exchange, public-key cryptography, principle of least privilege, isolation and non-interference. Students will be encouraged to think like adversaries of systems and will learn about network attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, attacks that exploit software vulnerabilities, timing attacks, and side channel attacks.