6.S059 Nanotechnology - Design from Atoms to Everything


Undergraduate Level -DLAB2, AUS2
Units: 2-3-7
Prerequisite: 8.02 Physics II
Instructors: Profs. Farnaz Niroui and Rajeev Ram
Schedule:  Lectures: TR10, room 32-155; Labs Fridays times 9am-12pm, 12-3pm, 2-5pm, room 12-3101
Enrollment limited
Introduces the fundamentals of applied quantum mechanics, materials science and fabrication skills needed to design, engineer and build emerging nanotechnologies with diverse
applications in energy, computing, display and sensing. In this class, studies are motivated by the technology, its application and desired performance, then the full progression from the fundamentals to the implemented device and functional systems will be outlined. By completing open-ended, goal-driven laboratory modules, students will gain hands-on design experience with this interplay between science and engineering, and use their skills towards developing and implementing their own technologies through a final project.