6.644 Quantum Measurement and Control


Graduate Level - AAGS
Units: 3-0-9
Prereqs: 8.04 or permission of instructor
Instructor:  Prof. Kevin O'Brien, kpobrien@mit.edu
Schedule:  TR1-2:30, room 32-144
This subject counts as an Applied Physics concentration.
Introduction to modern quantum measurement and applications, including quantum trajectory theory and experimental demonstrations. We cover linear and nonlinear quantum circuits, coherent and non-classical photon states, circuit quantum electrodynamics, quantum measurement, quantum feedback control, quantum trajectories, quantum jumps, and applications to quantum information processing. This course will prepare graduate students for research in quantum devices (optical, superconducting, electronic, spin, etc), quantum computing, or quantum communication. Focuses on quantum measurements in the real world vs the idealized world of projective measurements taught in introductory courses.