6.S974 Decentralized Applications


Graduate Level
Units: 3-0-9
Prerequisites: 6.033; programing experience; or permission of instructor
Instructor: Professor Robert Morris, rtm@csail.mit.edu
Schedule:  TR1-2.30, room 4-237
This class is a seminar exploring infrastructure for Internet
"decentralized applications": systems designed to give users privacy
and control over their own data by moving functionality from
centralized servers to users' own computers. Topics include
decentralized mechanisms for naming, storage, retrieval and queries,
authenticity, access control and privacy, user identity and
authentication, infrastructure powerful enough to enable complex
applications, and case studies of decentralized applications. Class
meetings will involve students presenting research papers and
discussing them. Students will work on a project of their choice
during the semester: designing and building a system, writing a draft
research paper, and presenting their work to the class. Projects could
focus on components such as secure naming, or applications such as
messaging, news aggregation, social networks, etc.