6.S063/6.644 Principles and Applications of Quantum Optics


Undergraduate version counts as AUS.
meets with Graduate version 6.644
Prerequisites: 8.04 or 8.05, 6.013 or 6.007 or 8.07 or 8.03 or 2.71
Instructor: Prof. Dirk Englund
Schedule: TR1-2:30, room 4-231
This subject qualifies as either an Applied Physics or Materials, Devices and Nanotechnology concentration subject, but not both.
This course introduces students to fundamental concepts of quantum technologies, with an emphasis on quantum communication, optical quantum sensing, and quantum computation. Topics include the quantization of the electromagnetic field; quantum states of light including coherent and squeezed states; interaction between light an atoms / quantum electrodynamics (QED); optical resonators and cavity QED; and quantum communication, photonic precision measurement, and quantum computing using photons and atomic memories.